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The Burden of Bedsore


Lorenz, PhD, Founder

As a medical engineer, my unwavering commitment to preventing painful bedsores stems from the belief that through innovative technology and proactive care, we can entirely avoid these excruciating conditions. With advancements in medical science and preventive approaches to patient well-being, we have the tools and knowledge to ensure that bedsores become a thing of the past, providing comfort and dignity to those in need

1123_DSC_9151_Ferdinand Heinrich_edited.

Ferdinand, CTO

As a Ph.D. candidate in AI my passion lies in advancing health tech. My expertise in intelligent algorithms, particularly in health monitoring, aligns with our commitment to proactive healthcare at SoreAlert. My dedication drives progress for improved patient well-being.


Julia, CFO

As a Co-Founder with a strong financial background and a deep understanding of the complex regulatory landscape for medical devices, I believe that the future of transforming medical devices lies in the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology with highest standards of safety and efficacy.

I am excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in medtech, transforming visionary ideas into tangible improvements combined with a preventive approach to reach bedsore as preventable illness.

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