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How SoreAlert helps prevent Bedsores

All you need to do is place the SoreAlert smart patch on your body, usually on your hip or lower back. If a critical condition of your skin is detected, an alert is sent. By connecting to the SoreAlert app, caregivers can be notified to take action.

Overview of the sorealert system with patch and app



The SoreAlert smart patch has to be applied at risk body sites such as the lower back whenever a patient is lying down for longer periods or sitting in a wheelchair. The patch starts monitoring the tissue from the moment it is applied. If a deterioration of tissue health is detected, the patient gets warned accoustically and potential caregivers can be alerted via a smartphone. Therefore, the patient requires a smartphone themselves with the SoreAlert app activated.


The SoreAlert App

Take control of your health with the SoreAlert app. This powerful tool is designed to monitor your tissue health data and gets data from the SoreAlert patch. With real-time alerts and the ability to connect with caregivers, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

A schematic picture of the sorealert app
sorealert patch electronics


Smart Patch Electronics

SoreAlert is a smart medical patch that uses advanced technology to prevent the development of painful bedsores. The ultra-thin, flexible patch adheres to your skin and continuously monitors your tissue perfusion and movements, providing real-time alerts when repositioning is necessary. At the beginning of a  pressure ulcer development, the tissue perfusion gets disturbed in very early stages. That is detected by SoreAlert via innovative AI algorithms and an alert gets generated.


Feasibility: Clinical Trials

The technical feasibility of analyzing the risk of developing pressure ulcers by monitoring tissue health is presented in this publication. A strong team of excellent researchers from Fraunhofer EMFT, TU Munich, FAU, Fussnetz Bayern and Monks identified biomarkers that potentially allow the prevention of pressure ulcers. SoreAlert uses these findings to provide a valuable product for patients.

banner showing information about clinical trials addressing the prevention of bedsores or pressure ulcers
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